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    Aug 19, 2011
    [​IMG] I am new, so be patient with me. We have had chickens now for three +/- years now and always had a good # of eggs each day. This year has been different, we have seen as much as 18-19 eggs in one day (have 40+/- chickens). Latey we are lucky to get 5, i try to figure in heat, feed, etc. Then all of a sudden a hen shows up with 6 chicks and a week later another hen pops up with 7 chicks, all from the wooded area of our property. We own 6 acres and let them free range so hunting down any hiding spots other than by the house or barn is not worth it. We got a roo and had him for about a 7 months now, could that be the reason for the decrease in eggs as the hens are hiding them for hatching? They have brooder boxes and in the past have used them but the girls seem to have stopped using them for the most part now. Little stinkers!! Any suggestions...tips...advice...would be great.

    How many roo's to about 40 hens is ok...I have one and would like another.

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    The only way I can think of is keeping them in a run (fenced area) for most the day... then letting them out to free range after they pay their dues. I don't know about the roo , I have one to 43 I think... I'm still looking hard @ a she EF that could be a He Campaine????
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    Quote:oh you have plenty of hens for several roos!!

    1 roo per 8-9 hens is the average...

    but I have 1 roo for 29 hens...
    just cause I dont wanna hear crowing all day/night...if I was out in the country completely it would be diff...

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