Hiding eggs?

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    Aug 4, 2015
    My hens are kept in an enclosed coop at night to protect from predators. In the mornings they are let out to free range - we have a huge back yard. Each hen has her egg laying location in the coop, where they go back into the coop during the day to lay their egg. The Orpington's location is a cardboard box on its side and filled with straw on top of the coop. Since she started laying that has been her spot to lay. However for the past 4 days - no egg.

    Could she be laying out in the yard somewhere, and if so,what would make her start doing such?

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    Apr 15, 2016
    Spirit lake
    A few of mine do that now too since I started free ranging about 6 months ago :) my rir was actually laying and snacking on them ...she will be missed .
    Mimi,she has a cozy spot on my hubbys work table , little clutch of blue/ green eggs is all I find there ...a few a day behind an old recliner ...one daily behind an old bike :D
    When they only had the coop and nests to lay in they would all scream at whoever was there laying ...fighting over the same two nesting boxes while they have 7 in all .lol .ive come out to a ruckus of hen heckling goin on only to find 2-3 fluffy hineys squeezing into one box!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
    I'm not sure why they make us egg hunt ...but I do know they like to lay in darker ,cozy private spots. Chickens are hilarious to watch. It's like a golden girls episode sometimes ,I SWEAR :)
    My 3 yr old daughter Abigail loves the hunting for eggs part lol,Easter every other day around here . Good luck and have a great day .

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