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Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by DawnSuiter, Nov 7, 2009.

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    So... I live in the Boonies... getting much of anything around here can be challenging, as I'm sure many of you have experienced as well.
    I've been in need of finding something high protein/low fat to supplement my chickens during the molt and my options are limited. Obviously eggs would be a great choice, but I haven't seen much of those around here lately. BOSS (sunflower seeds) are a good treat, but they are high in fat so aren't really the best all around solution. A higher protein feed isn't available, so I'm left to my own devices here, and yours of course, to figure out a supplement that will work. I've asked around for fish meal but can't locate any.

    I'm thinking of baking or at least forming something into a loaf to cut into squares for a suet cage or similar. What kind of high protein/low fat ingredients should I use? Does anyone have a recipe already for this? I'm not looking for junk food really...

    So here is my recipe idea SO FAR (and my estimates on nutritional content)

    Flock Raiser pellets - 3.5% fat 20% protein
    ground Flax seed - 4g fat 3g protein
    a hand full of sunflower seeds - 49g fat 22g protein (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunflower_seed)
    quick oats - 3g fat 5g protein
    a couple eggs for binding - 10g fat 12g protein

    but as you can see.. that's STILL a lot of fat content
    peanut butter has a lot of fat too...

    I just don't know... any experience & guidance is welcomed???
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    Dawn, I'm not sure if you should be greatly concerned about fat content if the weather is getting cold. But, I understand the issue of limited high-protein sources.

    Split peas are about 25% protein with only 1.2 g/100g fat. You should probably cook them - boiled or roasted.

    You can buy bags of fishmeal thru Fertrell but I imagine that shipping would be expensive.

    I'd be comfortable giving them lean meat or fish. I've fed my hens cat food when I thought they needed it.

    (Felt like feeding them neighbor's cats that show up way too often, also [​IMG]. And, if that squirrel doesn't choose a tree for a nest rather than my garage . . . [​IMG])

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    BEANS!! Your a genius! All protein no fat!
    I'm boiling lentils & navy beans now... the ones that were open bags already.. this will be great.

    Well.. I know it won't really hurt typically, but I worry I have fat hens already so just want to be conscious about it.

    I guess I'll see what kind of shape it's in once I start combining to decide if it should be a loaf of sorts or a spoon out mash

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