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Apr 18, 2013
Hi, My names Nick, First time raising chikens. I live in Indiana and have 2 Americanas, 1 Rhode Island Red and one other I'm not sure about, They are 6 weeks old. I made them a coop and pen but I'm curious as to what predators are likely to try and get them and at what time of day they are most likely to attack. Thank you!
Hi Nick. Welcome to BYC. There are predators that will come at night as well as during the day. Raccoons, coyote, fox, snakes, hawks, owls, and neighborhood dogs which would be your man problems. Most of the risk comes at night. But hawks and stray dogs can get a chicken during the day. Just make sure that your chicken run and coop are very secure. Many of these predators will dig under a fence to get into the run if you haven't properly taken measures to prevent their ability to dig. Will you be free ranging your hens? I free range mine from dawn till dusk, but they have plenty of cover from hawks where I live and I have been lucky never to lose a bird.

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Greetings from Kansas, Prepper Farm, and
! Pleased you joined us! Keltara summed it up very well!! I also free range - balancing the rewards...dietary variety which makes for tastier eggs and meats, plus happy chickens....with the risks - loss to predators. You have to be okay with the potential of losing one now and again. If not, free ranging just isn't an option. Good luck to you!
Thank you redsoxs, I will most likely keep them in their pen since I only have 4 but, I plan to get more so I may free range them in the future. Thanks again!
Hello and welcome from Ohio....so glad you joined BYC

I keep my bantams in a covered run but let them out to free range when I am out in the yard (which is often)

Hawks are bad in my area of Ohio right now :(

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