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    Oct 1, 2015
    We are looking to replace the chickens on our high School Farm.

    First let me explain. When we go to fair to show our pigs, steer and bunnies, they say "Here comes the city kids". Kinda true. We live in a very populated county in Florida. Our farm in right in the middle. The land was donated over 50 years ago with land use conditions. We have 30 acres with cattle, horses, pigs and most of the land is vacant. A large community of subdivisions has grown around us. Our farm is aging as are the animals. The program brings high school students to the farm on busses for 2 or 3 periods a day. The program I am involved with is the Certified Veterinary Assisting Program and FFA. The rest of the programs are non agriculture. :(. We lost our horticulture program last year.

    What we are looking to do is provide an experience for these "city kids" and replace our hens that were last to old age or wild animals. They are studying Veternary Sciences.

    One person replied to my first post with great info on forced air incubator. We have some community sponsors that will help with some expenses.

    I am looking for plans to build an incubator in our work shop or one to buy.
    Would like a variety of birds so they ongoing kids can have a great experience. Any suggestions?
    Recommendations of where to buy eggs
    Then incubation suggestions.

    Please feel free to contact me. My experience is my own backyard chicken that Imbought as day old chicks.

    Thank you in advance, Cheryl
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    Oct 11, 2014
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    That's awesome that you have a program like that and it sucks that you've had cuts to it.
    As for manufactured incubators, a good midline styro bator with great reviews is the Hovabator 1588. Brinseas are excellent but costly with half the capacity. If possible Hovabator is the only styro I would recommend at this time.
    For DIY, there's lots of threads on BYC, just do a search at teh top for DIY incubators and homemade incubators.
    Variety of birds, Along with the popular egg layers of Rhode Island reds, if you wanted to have an array of egg colors you could go for Ameracaunas/Aracaunas for the bluer eggs, Olive eggers for the greens and Marans for the darker eggs. Barnyard mixes produce a wide variety of birds and are fun because you don't know what you will get. Something like the black Japanes Bantams are fun for size and the Polish and silkie are fun for looks. I have a couple Silver spangled appenzeller spitzhaubens and just love their personality. If you want something different consider the naked necks or show girls. I love both!
    You can always check craigslist for eggs and if you have fb you might be able to find a poultry group for your area.
  3. iconracr

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    Oct 1, 2015
    Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge. I have the standard for my area, Black Sex Link and two white Silies that we intended to show. But way too much when raising pigs for show.

    Thanks again, Cheryl
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