Hillary Chicken


Apr 30, 2015
This past month, I have completely filled my FB feed with chicken pictures (despite minimal interest in them haha). I need another place to brag about my babies :)

Facing the camera is Hillary Chicken (partridge cochin)-- so named because she seems to be wearing a dark pantsuit. To the right, from front to back is Huguette (Welsummer), Holly (silver laced wyandotte), and Bertha Biggie (buff brahma).

I have been studying them a lot, a bit anxious about the possibility of a rooster (not allowed where I live)... Huguette concerns me a bit (based on little details I notice), but then since they are all different breeds I can't very well compare appearances...

Ha! I think I spend more time on the Backyard Chicken Forums than FB, because I would rather see photos of chickens. Hillary Chicken is pretty funny. As she matures, she will look more round and fluffy all over. Huguette isn't showing any clear signs of being a rooster, but it is still too early to tell. Pointy saddle feathers or hackle feathers are sometimes the first clear signs of a rooster.

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