Hisser Just Had Babies ANYone want some???


10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
Paulding County Georgia
Our new pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches just had babies. I know every one is goingto ask how many. I wish I could tell you. So far it looks like about 50. I will try to get pictures in just a lil bit. If I can figure out how to post them.

ok here they are here is Mama after she had em

here are the babies all the little white things are babies
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Awesome! I used to have 2 and they had lots of babies! Be careful that they do not escape. I speak from experience...it is NOT fun to try to catch all those little buggers!

Congratulations on all your new babies!!
congrats on the new wee ones!!!! That is just too cool!!!! So do you know how long they are pregnant? I know you haven't had her long so I am assuming she was pregnant when you got her like my scorpion? That is really exciting!!!
From all the research I have been able to do they are pregnant 30 days. And yeah she was preggy when I got her the company i ordered from said most of the females they send out are at some stage of pregnancy. I just wasnt expecting her to be so far along.

And please believe we are trying to take every precaution we can to keep them from getting out. DH said if they do we are just gonna move.
LOL yeah that would suck. So if you decide you want some let me know and ill send you as many as you want. Cant tell the sexes till they get a couple of months old but ill send you as many as you want just pay the shipping.
Do you have any clue how tempting that is????? I may just have to take you up on it, too.
So, how DO you tell the sex when they are old enough? And can males live with males, etc. or do they fight? I am obviously not a cockroach expert but I think they are sooooooo cool!!!
When they get older the males will have "horns" and their antennea are fuzzy looking and the females heads are smooth and so are their antennea if you have a male and female side by side the difference is obvious. From what i understand about them as long as they have their own "space" where they can stay out of each others way males are ok together. They are wingless so they dont fly and they are not cannabilistic as long as they have a good supply of food. They eat dog or cat food and fresh veggies and fruits. Super easy pets.
Ill try this evening when they come out better to get some better pics of mom and dad so you can see the difference in them. They love to hide during the day and they have a cave in their tank that they get in during the day.
You will really enjoy them if you decide to get some! I loved mine, they used to sit under the collar of my shirt when I would go to work! Talk about freaking people out! I worked at a pet food & supply store. DH says no more "creepy crawlies" for me until we build on and have a spare room just for them!

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