History of the Egg?? Small rant.

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    I'm watching this show, and it just informed me that brown eggs come from Rhode Island Reds, white from White Leghorns, and blue, green and pink eggs come from Araucanas. Now this is technically true, but it made it sound like there are only three breeds of chickens.

    "It's actually the kind of hen that determines the color of the shell!" Like, omg, crazy!

    The guy asked what the comb was "what's this right here? Wow! Who knew chickens had earlobes and combs??" Actual quote.

    The cage free farm he visits is a little sad. Man they pack tons of chickens in that room!

    They only show RIRs and Leghorns.

    Now to be honest, the information in the show has to match the viewer's average knowledge of chickens... Which is pretty low, we can all say! But I feel cheated after watching it. I learned nothing, but I suppose that's 'cause I hang out here so much. I was more interested to see how hens went from the backyard, to the factory, to some mystical creature that the general public knows nothing about. But I got nadda on that account.

    Okay, I know I'm being way critical, but if anyone would understand, it would be you guys... Hopefully! [​IMG]

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    I just love all of the eggsperts here.

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