Hiya from Upstate NY!


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Herkimer County
First, let me say how great this site is. I've have gotten so much valuable information from not only the site itself, but from the other folks who post here as well. So a HUGE thank you to all. In a few months I am going to be taking over my parents house. They have 2 acres in the country and I am so looking forward to getting me some girls (and a garden!). I have already decided on the breed and where my coop is going to be. (There is an old well house foundation that I am going to use, sadly, the chicken coop of my youth which was never used has long since disappeared) I havn't decided on, however, and am looking for input on wether or not to enclose the coop in a 60x60 fenced in area, or... have an enclosed run attached to the coop and let them run freely in the yard during the daylight hours. I'm concerned about them wandering off too far and getting lost, or finding themselves in front of the occasional car in the road. But even a 60x60 penned in area seems kinda restrictive to me. I'm only planning on having 6 chickens, 3 Barred Plymouth Rocks and 3 White Plymouth Rocks. Ideas? Suggestions? Being over protective? Thanx :)
from Ohio. Either way is a great way to go. I would keep the in their run and the coop at night until they learn where they are to go. They usually won't get lost. If you are worried about them getting in the road just let them free range when you are home. Throwing some scratch grains around their home area usually will keep them close by. Good luck.

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