7 Years
Jul 25, 2012
New Mexico
Im not a new member .just dropped by to say hi to all the new members. Ive raised several breeds of ducks had some geese and chickens also through the years. Nothing better than fresh eggs for breakfast and other meals. I like to garden also. I have a boarder collie pup mix And a older mare on the place also. My wife of 50 years we have grand children one of them a freshman in college this year. Well welcome again to every one.
>Saying hi to the new members

Well I'm guessing that applies to me so Hi! Just got chickens October last year and half of them are laying:wee
So anyway what do you grow in your garden?
Lots of top notch weeds every now and then a tomato plant will sprout and try and steal away the sun light and a few sun chokes will grow up by mistake to. If the frost wont kill them off.

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