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    I have an EE hen that went broody on 7 eggs about three weeks ago. My roo is a Splash Ameraucana and the eggs are from other EEs, a black Australorp, and maybe some BR hens. I have been super busy with work and my hours at home haven't coordinated well with doing anything about relocating the hen. I have been unsure about where to put her while she's sitting on the eggs, so I just didn't do anything at all.

    She's been faithful to stay on the eggs. Occasionally, I will find her taking a dust bath in the middle of the day, so I know she's getting up to eat, etc.

    Yesterday, I found three more eggs in her nest with her. Dummy me didn't mark the eggs she was sitting on, so now i have no idea which ones are the ones she's been incubating. Grrrr. Today, I found one of my BR hens in the nest with her, so I'm sure she laid a few eggs there. I guess I'll just take the ones out that don't hatch.

    I finally figured that I'll put her in a huge dog crate I have to let her hatch the chicks out. Now, I have to move her to the crate. What's the best way to do that? Should I wait until the chicks hatch and then move them? Should I pick up the eggs and transfer them and her to a washtub nesting box I'll put in the crate? what do you think?
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    At this stage I'd mark the eggs and leave her be. It is very late in the game to risk her breaking from being broody by trying to move her. You'd probably be heartbroken if that happened. Hens have been hatching eggs with the flock for thousands of years. If she has made it this far, she should be OK. There are risks both ways, but right now I think leaving her alone is the path of least risk.

    Good luck!!!

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