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6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
Shippensburg PA
We're thinking this might also be a roo. He's just recently got some feathers filling in on his legs. I have no idea what breed he is, but is seriously soft! I'll post another pic of his face I couldn't get a good pic of both his legs and his face.
If he's got feathered legs he may be a hatchery version of a Columbian Cochin (though they usually have much heavier foot feathering). Definitely a cockerel. Where did you get him? He could also be a mix.
You probably don't want to keep 2 roos with only 1 hen, they will start to annoy her pretty awfully as they get mature and may even injure her in their conquests. 1 roo to 7 hens is a better ratio.

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