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Oct 17, 2008
I have a rooster of unknown variety… a week ago I posted and was told it sounded like gapeworm. Did the worm treatment but still he is very raspy when he “crows”. I read on another one site to put cider vinegar in the water, to clean any possible mucus in his throat; he is very shy when I come around. So I have not been able to check his throat. Anyway before I try the cider I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this treatment? Also will the cider vinegar harm my hens?
Apple cider vinegar is a good treatment because it's easy on their little symptoms from what I've read. I've used it as a preventative for worms at 1 TBS per gallon of water. Unless I'm an idiot (don't rule it out as a possibility
) it shouldn't hurt any of your chickens. As for getting a hold of your guy: wait until nightfall when he has gone to sleep. A sleeping chicken is incredibly passive. (People shouldn't say sleeping like a baby, babies wake up a ton, they should say sleeping like a chicken!) Just be sure to get a good hold, some of my guys like to flap when I pluck them from their improper roosting spot to put them to bed inside. I don't know if it could hurt them, but I also wouldn't want to risk it. I've never heard of gapeworm, sounds creepy, I may have to look it up to be aware of it.
ACV will not harm your chickens, hens or roosters. It's great for many reasons. I have actually started taking it daily myself. Be sure to get it from a health food store and get the kind with "mother" in it. It contains many trace elements that we(and chickens) need for good health, thats not in our regular diets. It can be used for weight loss, intestinal problems and about a thousand other things. Look it up and i think you will be impressed. Good Luck with your rooster.
Miracle of miracles...2 table spoons of ACV for every gallon of water for his horaseness and I can tell an improvement already...woohoo

"There is something to be said about waking up to the sound of a rooster crowing...its almost magically". ~ Me

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