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Just a Ramble, slight rant, just want to type this, no reason

A year ago or so I bought my first flock of chickens. Boy the stuff you learn with in a year! Everything I get is normally off craigslist or facebook. As a small business owner my self I tend to support a smaller local business over a larger one. I got darn lucky, I found some chicks from hobby farm you could say, older gentleman very knowledgeable. These ended up being some of the best birds I've ever gotten. I could write another post about my rooster Bojangles that would make any chicken owner jealous. Great health and personality. I got lucky this was my first flock, No idea what to look for.

So time passes bye and chicken math strikes, I find another hobby farm, the idea was to get some of the same breed but different genetics. This one had a lot of different chickens, not knowing any better I select 3. 2 ended up dieing, the one that lived well shes not really high quality, I don't think shes a pure bread. Oh well. Round 2 comes along, same thing find someone off facebook/craigslist was told they were hens, sex, stories about the chickens, nope all roosters, still not high quality. One of them ended up being sick. Another hobby farm.

Ended up going to an auction and did very well. 3 healthy hens, no issues.

I found a farm that was more professional than these hobby farms per say, and the quality was very different in birds. Same prices too. Had a license, was a true farm, not just someone in their backyard breeding.

Think the lesson learned now is that I'm done with these hobby farms. I hate ordering chicks threw the mail, and feed stores but if I can't find a professional its not worth the time. Sorry small business (oh and I know the pros are small business as well). Sorry if you are selling chickens out of your back yard but its not worth the risk any longer.

Rant over, Thanks for reading.

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I agree ,at least know what the breed should look like and what are the most prized characteristics. If the coop, runs, birds are a mess and smelly turn around and drive

If birds have eye or nasal discharge, cough, red sores, bald areas(not from molt) take off. Don't listen to lame tales like all they have is a slight cold or allergy from the pollen.

Don't think a crocked beak chick will even out, don't think twisted gnarled toes will recover. I think a shady seller has a million rehearsed reasons for any question you may bring up.

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