Hog Slat/PVC Sheeting for Brooder/Coop Floor???


In the Brooder
5 Years
Mar 11, 2014
Has anyone ever used hog slat (it's basically PVC flattened out into sheets) as the floor for their brooder or coop?
I'm thinking about adding it as a removable floor in my brooder once these chicks have moved out. It seems like it would make it easier to clean up the pine pellets and do a full sanitizing.

I've used this product in my dog kennels and it is super easy to clean and it is durable. It is also used in pig barns (tada! hence the name hog slat).

If I go with what I am thinking, the sheet of hog slat would go on top of the wooden slats and 1/8" hardware cloth that are the current bottom of the brooder with pine pellets used as bedding on top. I currently keep cardboard between the pine pellets and hardware cloth but it's a little annoying to clean.

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