hole unederneathe left wing help


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
A couple days ago we saw a cat from the neighborhood leave our yard in a hurry. So we went to check on our chickens and they all seemed fine. But then yesterday one got out of the run and when i went to put her back in i noticed a hole under her left wing. So i called the farm where we got her and asked them what to do they sprayed her with some purple antibiotic and told me to watch the others to make sure the wont peck at her and to get some toys for them to play with. So i did but today when i went to let them out her wound was bloody again and she was picking at it herself. So i called agin and they said to dissenfect and put her in a baby onesie so we did but she keeps getting out of the 12 mnth size.

Should i get a smaller size and what do I do to keep her in it.

Please help
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