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With ducklings on their way, 1 in a week. And another set due the following week give or take. Can I make a Guinea Pig cage as a brooder for the single ducking that is due to hatch and hook the heat lamp up to it? And what watt strength should I get? I have white light, and a red light. Can I use either light and what watt should I use? And how far away should the light be? Also what is the best bedding to use in a brooder that they won't try and eat?
No heat lamp. They can and will explode if the duck splashes water onto them. Just regular while light bulbs will do fine. Put some cardboard around the cage to avoid any drafty air. On my brooder I start off with 100 watt light from 2 feet above and reduce the wattage as they need less and less. The cage may not be that high so you can start with a lower wattage. Just put the thermometer on the brooders floor and see what you read. 95 is what you are aiming for.
One other question about the Hova Bator, LOL that things going to make me nervous making sure that I get the temp right on! Anyway, can I put the Hova Bator for my hatchery on top of my Genesis during lock down? Will/could that affect anything going on inside the Genesis with the Hova Bator on top during lock down? And you also said NOT to put anything on the wire but the egg at lock down correct? I'm just going over things I asked and you've said. Increase humidity about 80% on day 26, DO NOT get into the Hova Bator during lock down. When can I or should I? To check on any pips? What about day 28 or 29 and I can see or tell if the egg has pipped?
Well, your job will be starring through the clear window and taking notes. Yes, you can stack them, but I prefer not to. Will be kind of difficult with the power plug on top anyway.

Bad news for you is that I wont be here from the 6th through the 11th. Will be back on the 12th. If you like to you can pm me for my cell phone in case of an emergency. It will be tricky because we are at a very loud Oktoberfest selling stuff. You should be able to talk to me in the mornings Pacific time without to much noise. That should be 4 hours behind your time. I will check my email from the road, but I may not be able to read it all because I will be busy or tired.
Oh and don't panic. There are plenty of great people in this forum who will help you. Plenty of pros here, so no worry.

PS I instructed them all to slap your hand if you go crazy for no reason.
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I will be good, I promise! On the life of my little ducky I will be good. Actually I'm leaving on the 9th, and coming back on the 10th. I'll only be gone 24hrs from end of day 27, back end of day 28. So I will be back on day 28 for any possible hatching/pipping. I read that ducks typically can hatch day 28-33. It has a nice size air sac and I think it will do fine. I hope, I think it will be a small duck because of the eggs that momma is sitting on are bigger. Could be the smaller are Rouens and the bigger are Runners/mix or drakes. Ok, that brings up another question, could size of eggs have anything to do with size/breed of baby since they will be Rouen/Runner mix? If this baby comes into the world without a problem, oh just wait for that post from me!
I guess you will find out what comes out. Are you sure they all duck eggs and not snake eggs? Just kidding. In general it is not good if they are extremely small. This can lead to deformities or even death before hatching. Some variation in size is ok, its a natural thing. Just like some woman having a small uterus, and this does not mean they cannot have normal kids, right? I would not worry unless an egg is less then half size of what the other eggs are. That excludes the double yolkers which don't count for comparison. The size has no input on sex or breed, so again you just have to wait and see. You may have some ducklings that are smaller, but that has nothing to do with the egg size. That can be just the mixed breed thing shuffling genes around.
These eggs aren't significantly smaller, just something I noticed. Now here I am 2cd guessing myself, I've had all these eggs in a goose egg turner on their sides instead of upright like typical egg turners are for chickens, I think that is what I was told from the get go, and momma has hers all on their side. Hey, they are seem to be developing beautifully, I guess I will just have to wait what is to come. Gosh I hate the waiting game! I'm worse then my boys right now at Christmas time! Seeing the presents but not knowing what is inside the packages. The Hova Bater is at 99-100 temp, but both water resavors are filled but still holding at 70%, might have to add a bit more. Right now I'm just playing around with the settings to see what and where the perfect setting is so that when lock down comes it's where it should be.
Forgot you are in Colorado, for some reason I was thinking NC.
It's the dry climate that is getting you. I have the same problem up here. Just fill all the holes, even the tiny ones on the edges. That will fix it. That is for the incubator used a hatcher during lock down only. I know you are just testing it right now. Duck eggs do better on their sides. That's why you needed the goose egg turner. Does not apply to chicken eggs, which do better standing up.

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