Home made grain type mixes


9 Years
Dec 19, 2010
Victoria - Australia!
I have just finished feeding out a batch of a home mixed recipe a friend had given to me. I made a few amendments (used what I had on hand rather than buying exact ingredients) and wondered what you all thought of it? The ingredients were:

200g Flakey Bran
200g Pollard (Millrun)
100g Shellgrit (the fine type)
100g Cracked Corn
100g Soybean Meal (recipe said to use Meat Meal but I didn't have any)
30g Calcium Carbonate Powder (I added that for a calcium boost)
Wet down into a mash with 3 cups of made up full cream milk powder.

The recipe was actually written for using the ingredients in kgs but I only have 13 year old hens and the other 18 are 8 weeks or younger so I didn't want to make up a heap for them just to try incase they didn't like it. But it was a hit and the whole lot was eaten by everyone, even the young 3 week old chicks.
Are there any more adjustments anyone would like to suggest? I was thinking of perhaps getting the corn ground down a bit finer and adding more as it seems to be their favourite thing, also adding maybe some garlic and cod liver oil in winter? I only plan on making this up for them every few days, maybe even making it in bulk with the dry ingredients so i only have to wet it down when i'm ready to feed it out.

Some other things I thought might be useful to add could be wheat, sunflower seeds, bread, chopped lucerne/alphalpha etc.

Anyone else use a home mixed ration similar to the above? I love mixing my own, my chickens still get their layer pellets free choice and free range for at least a few hours every day, but there is something homely about mixing up a feast for my beautiful girls

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