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8 Years
May 28, 2011
Foothills of NC
The old layout displayed only "chicken forum" recent activity. Now we are getting recent activity on any and all forums. This was one of my favorite things about BYC. Since it is Back Yard CHICKENS, is there a way to select only chicken forums to be displayed under recent activity on the home page?
I don't believe that is currently an option. Do you mean you don't want to see the duck, geese, guinea, etc threads?
I dont know what the old forum looked like, but I love the way this one is set-up, along with the site itself..I dont know how I never found this place sooner..
I never noticed so many posts on the "recent activity" about pea fowl, quail, recipes, jokes, etc. I swear that stuff wasn't there before, only postings from the chicken forums. I know when I would see a question about quail, it was posted in one of the chicken forums and I would redirect the poster to the quail section. When I posted things in the quail section it didn't appear on the home page under "recent activity". It's frustrating to have ALL new posts from all forums show up on the home page. I'm sure I'll get over it. It's just the feature I miss most.

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