Homemade Egg Candler FS or TRADE for Quail or Lady Amherst Pheasant hatching eggs


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6 Years
Apr 11, 2013
I make egg candlers out of flashlights and can make them out of tin cans if needed. I am looking to trade my product for some NICE Quail eggs and or some Lady Amherst Pheasant eggs. I have some eggs in the incubator now but I am just starting out and I want to get my flock size up as I am looking at being self sufficient! Please let me know if you are interested. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA.

The candler has an inner beveled edge so the egg fits nicely. Reflective material is used to maximize light concentration in the egg for better candling results! If you need the light to fit button eggs, let me know and I can make an adapter and ship with your purchase!

Thanks for looking!

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