Homemade hamster cages


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When I saw pictures in the Bing search of homemade hamster cages, I was dumbfounded to see clear TOTE boxes and all the neat things that goes into them!

Really! Wouldn't they gnaw on that? Or its just depend on the hamster themselves?

Hubby wants to use PVC pipes for tunnels, put some breathing holes along the top of the pipes when install them. Chances of chewing on them too?

I know alot of the Habitat homes for hamster cages are all hard plastic. We are getting the aquarium set up and making "apartments with tubes running here and there" on the top floor to "basement".

I have made a couple of hamster homes made from clear plastic tote boxes. The hamsters did chew on them if there was a hole within chewing range, but those totes are suprisingly tough and it took one hamster months to chew a hole big enough to climb through. Just be sure and put breathing holes up high where the hamsters can't reach, and/or on the lid if you don't stack them. I didn't use PVC, I just bought the stuff for other cages and cut the holes to fit, it was really easy and cheap to make a huge, easy to clean cage. Be sure the hamster can't reach the lid! That would be easy for a hamster to chew through.
We decided not to "improve" the aquarium due to our daughter's inability to put things together. We will have an exercise ball for it.

We went and bought a new Crittertrail cage (for hubby LOL he wants one too LOL) and it was on sale. Ebay are good sources to find used cages that he can put together in different areas. I think he wants to make a "Cadillac" of all hamster tunnels LOL!
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