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Apr 19, 2008
I just built a homemade 'bator, and got it up and running to make temp adjustments. I think I would like to build a seperate hatcher to put them in on day 18. I have a 10 gallon aquairium that (unfortunatly) has the bottom broke out of it. So, could I use this as a hatcher/brooder? Maybe just add a piece of plywood for the base or some thing. Any ideas on how to make this work? I am planning on putting the eggs in the bator tomorrow, so I've got about 19 days to figure something out. LOL
Depending on how many chicks you will have, a 10 gal aquarium won't hold many for long. They grow incredible fast. I had 3 chicks in a hamster cage. Thought it would be OK for several weeks, actually lasted about 2 weeks. LOL!

Imp- Then went out to buy the largest dog crate I could find.
But would there be a way to keep say a hampster cage or guniea pig cage at the temp/humidity for hatching? We will only be hatching like ten eggs at a time, and since this is a new experience for us, we are hoping for at least 5 to make it to the end.

The reason I am wanting a seperate hatcher is because it is taking me FOREVER to get the temp and humidity set right and once I do, I don't wanna change it! LOL

Any ideas?

Oh Yeah, think I misunderstood you. A cage would not work as an incubater (for the reasons you mentioned). I was thinking you meant using the aquarium as the brooder after hatching.
There are lots of posts here about building homemade incubators. I'll look for some links about it. Hopefully someone with hatching experience will chime in.

Good luck

Imp- has been vaccinated against the hatching bug.

OMG- Search is working well again Lol! There were 23 pages of threads about homemade incubor. Do a search for
homemade incubator in the topic only. You will be reading for years.
I'd use the aquarium as a brooder for a couple of chicks. As a hatcher it would be a pain to keep up to temperature, glass just doesn't hold heat well.
It could be used. BUT you would have to insulate and cover. otherwise you would have fluctuating temps. it would be so hard to reach the propper temp and then have to try to keep it steady and the humidity too..... very hard with out insulation and lid.

Good Luck and God Bless!
Thanks everyone. I guess I'll nix the hatcher idea, and just use the incubator all the way to the end. My BIL has an old guinea pig cage that I am gonna use for the brooder.


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