Homemade Ice Cream anyone?

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    Nov 22, 2007
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    Im sick and tired of going to the store to get my Edy's Espresso Chip ice cream, paying $5, and the box keeps getting smaller! I feel like going on strike. How tough is it to make your own ice cream? Can you make it creamy like Edy's?
  2. MoSo

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    I got one of these from my neighbor: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-ICE-30BC-Indulgence-2-Quart-Automatic/dp/B0006ONQOC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1280072710&sr=8-2

    pretty good ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbets (it's VERY loud). The final texture tends to be either soft-serve (right out of the machine) or hard (after it's been in the freezer), but the flavor can't be beat. Also depends on whether you make a custard-style ice cream (with eggs, usually the base is cooked) or not. I generally make sorbets, which tend to be very icy and firm. My favorite book for recipes is David Leibovitz's Perfect Scoop.

    Also, the directions on that model of ice cream maker say that the freezer tub has to be frozen 24 hours first - it's more like 2 full days. The freezer tub has to be absolutely frozen. If you can shake it and hear something slushing around, it's not ready.
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    May 13, 2008
    Homemade Ice cream is really very good but as with anything there is a technic involved and it may not be what you were expecting as the flavor is very different from the store bought kind. We make our own and it has taken several years of trying to get our own recipes tweeked to perfection, so keep trying it is rewarding.

  4. halo

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    Ha!! I just realized I had a Kitchenaid, and there is an ice cream maker attachment. Went to Amazon to check it out (Im an Amazon junkie), read some of the reviews, and got it! My favorite review:

    I think my wife is trying to murder me with this KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment! She bought this for me for Christmas along with the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Recipe book knowing full well that I would become obsessed with trying all of the recipes. I'm on the third batch (Cherry Garcia, Coffee Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip) and I can already feel my heart slowing down. I can hardly make it to the mailbox without becoming winded. Luckily I realized her dastardly plot before having an ice cream overdose induced myocardial infarction. She almost got away with it as nobody would have suspected her. The paramedics would have just thought I was another fat pig who overdosed on ice cream.
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    [​IMG] HOMEMADE [​IMG] Yummy [​IMG] It's the best! [​IMG] I want some NOW! [​IMG]
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    Jan 31, 2009
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    Halo - Email or PM me and I will type up a great recipe for peach ice cream that I have made - yummy with fresh ripe peaches and very rich! Gave my dad the kitchen aid freezer attachment and he loves it; I have the Cuisinart ice cream freezer and I love it. Much better than hand cranking, either with a Donvier and a frozen insert or with the classic freezer with ice and salt. Make a small volume, though compared to the classic variety.
  7. halo

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    Nov 22, 2007
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    Oooh, Jill I just happened to have a bunch of yummy peaches too. You'd better put that recipe right here, because if you don't someone will just have to have it, so you might as well save the time and post it right here.
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    Quote:yes, otherwise There Will Be Whining.

    For my strawberry ice cream, I cut up at least a pound of strawberries, keep not quite half back to be added as chunks very near the end and then let the rest soak about 2 days in a bit of sugar and Grand Marnier - then I pour it in, liquid and all....
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    A secret I learned making my home made goat milk ice cream.... Add a tablespoon or so of vodka. You wont taste it. But it keeps it from freezing into a hard lump that needs a ice pick to scoop out!! Nice and creamy texture results! [​IMG]
  10. Yard full o' rocks

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    Kathy (morning)!!

    I am not much of a sweets eater but I LOVE ICE CREAM!!

    We just made 2 types last week

    Chocolate chip cookie dough (boys choice)....wayyyyyy to rich for me
    Peach (MY favorite)

    Jennifer bought a small ELECTRIC ice creamer maker that will make roughly 2 qts at Wally World I think

    You will find that recipes requiring you to "cook" the ingredients first, then cool them prior to churning, produce a much smoother, creamy ice cream than the "non cooked" ones.

    Unfortunately (??) I dated a girl in college whose father was "The Dean of the Dairy Science Dept"....he taught me the art of "tasting" ice cream that he taught his dairy judging teams. I guess I am a little more particular about my ice cream as a result

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