Homemade Incubator Ideas..?


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Aug 25, 2011
So I've been looking everywhere; MyPetChicken, Craigslist, etc but can't find a reasonably priced AND decent, working bator. I thought that I'd let my hens go broody, but I don't have any birds that have a stronger instinct to brood (like a silkie) that aren't roosters. So now I'm going to use a homemade incubator. I've got a turner; does anyone have ideas for homemade incubators that work well and aren't ridiculously expensive???
Please go to the learning centre I've made a few designs

I have on test. A mdF box.

2 tilting trays. Pulled with string

A bathroom extractor fan with mains plug 25w

Ebay thermo controller

Few thermometers 50p

2 light fittings. One ceramic bulb 75w. And a 25w bulb

One laptop USB fan lolo

Very cheap easy and I'll have to let u know how it all goes can't candle as quail eggs !

I made a cool box one early on 6 eggs hatched 2. 2 blood spots 2 inf.
this was 2 x 25w bulbs. And a water heater thermostat. Very temperamental but worked

I have a brinsea mini, octogenarian 20, . King suro and my DIY

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