Homemade incubator question


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Dec 7, 2010
I'm using a homemade cooler incubator and things are going well so far. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a light bulb failure. I am using a new GE Reveal 60 watt bulb.

I am wondering if I should change the light bulb before lock-down and risk temperature problems, or will the light bulb last until the eggs hatch?
I've done 2 hatches in a homemade incubator and each time, I start with a fresh light bulb for fear that it will go out on me. I don't put a new one in at lockdown, just use a fresh one for 21 days. I figure light bulbs are cheap and I can use the used ones in other light fixtures around the house.
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You might want to consider rewireing the bator to accept 2-25 watt bulbs instead of just one 60 watt bulb. That way if one of the bulbs do fail, you still have the other one as a backup.

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