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Ok so im making my first incubator ...due to the expensiveness i can not afford a good incubator so i have decided to make my own im pretty much fallowing instructions from several different incubators on this website. but i run in to a issue...... what kind of light bulb?!?!?!? can i use a red heat lamp light bulb or will it burn the eggs? or should i just use a normal one like for a lamp ??? and one more thing do i really need a hydrometer i have been looking EVERY WERE for one but Walmart does not have then or target or pets smart is there a way that i dont need one?. i appreciate that help!! thank you!!
My first homemade bator I just used a single 100 watt and it did the job. It was made out of an old coleman cooler. What general size is your homemade-bator?
I'ts just a small cooler from walmart .......it doesn't say its size but i know it fits 24 cans
what i have right now is the red 250 watt and a white 13 watt so big difference from yours
but do you think they will work?
I would think the red 250 watt would melt the cooler those things get HOT. and the 13 watt maybe to small. For a 24 can size cooler I'd start with a 40 watt and see how it does If its not enough move up to a 60. Its all trail and error tho. Best of luck
I bought my thermometer/hygrometer at Walmart for ~8.00 works great!!I don't know where you live but if Cody WY 's Walmart carries it yours should to LOL. It's an Acurite
It's the black and silver little box on the left
I used a small styrofoam ice chest and have a 25 watt bulb in it and it seems to do fine.
yea get a 25 watt. that red bulb will cook them...literally. ud be surprised how much heat a little bulb can give off.
Thank you all!!!! i just went to walmart and got a 60 watt :] but still i could not find a hydrometer :[!!!! so i'm hoping ill find one before i finish the incubator im hoping to hatch silkies this fall/spring soo wish me luck!! thank you all for the help!
What is the hydrometer for? I'm hatching my first batch of eggs in my tiny walmart cooler and I have a fluke meter to measure the temp of the sand ( some use a water wiggler). I'm using a 40wt bulb that is hanging from the cooler lid and all 7 eggs are developing great! I'm doing a dry hatch, from everything I read they seem to go much smoother. I did put two small air holes in the bottom of the cooler but that's it.

Good Luck!

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