homemade plucker


6 Years
Nov 13, 2013
Outaouais, Quebec, Canada
I made this one a while back, mind you I have only plucked quail, the recipe follows

one 3/8 inch variable speed drill
3/4 inch plywood base/ end support/ blocked to support drill
skateboard truck bearing let into end support to bear axle
axle 10 inches of ready rod 3/8 threaded 3 nuts two washers
1 1/2 inches of 5/16 round rod tacked to ready rod to fit skateboard bearing
5 1/2 inches of 3 inch white plastic eaves trough downspout drilled with four rows of 3/8 inch holes 6 per
row around circumference makes 24 holes
12 pieces of 3/8 inch EPDM rope 6 inches long ( Lee Valley # 99K6980 24 feet 16.50 )
2- 1/2 inch plywood disks drilled to fit 3/8inch axle
sheet metal shield for back of plucker
The rubber rope is what plucker fingers are made of I distressed them with a dremel to make a texture for better purchase on the feathers
it works.

Very cool! Thank you for posting pictures. That could really speed things up. They aren't all that bad to pluck in general, but when you're doing a bunch of birds, all the seconds add up quick.

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