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    Aug 4, 2009
    Does anyone know how to make a poltice? It is applied to sore,etc to draw out infections and help heal wounds and or sores. My Grandmamade them up for our sores, and we used to buy a product called Denver Mud, which was used as a poltice
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    it depends on what the problem is to determine which kind of poultice to use.

    Herbal poultices are easy to make:

    just take a cup or two of the chosen herb and grind it up with water to make a paste,
    apply to the area and hold it down with gauze or cheesecloth...

    you can google different home remedies and different poultices as well

    eta: there are some herbs that should NOT be used in poultices, google herbal remedies for whatever problem you have and they should tell you what not do to and what to do...I'm not an herbalist, so...
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    Granny always made up a bread and milk poultice for boils. It worked wonders! It was simply a piece of bread soaked in milk and a touch of sugar. Apply it to the boil and cover with a bit of gauze. Works amazingly well!

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