Homer the Broken Chick

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    Aug 11, 2014
    So my hen has had four chicks hatch so far. The first three, Winifred, Gus, and Eunice, are all doing very well. Now the fourth, his name is Homer, is a little bit broken. I don't know if he hatched too early or what happened, but when I first saw him, I noticed one of his eyes was clouded over like he had a cataract or was blind. He also had a tiny bit of his egg sac still attached to him and was bleeding a little bit.

    But throughout the day, the bleeding stopped and he lost the egg sac. He made it through the night and still seems weak, but is A LOT stronger than he was yesterday. I don't know, has anyone had any experience with a premature chick? Can I expect Little Homer to live? What can I do to help him? He's been working on standing this morning, something he couldn't do yesterday, and I watched him take a few wobbly steps. I really, really hope he makes it. His sister, Gladys, has been hatching since yesterday so hopefully she'll be here soon.
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