Homestead in town.


6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
I started last year raising 2 bantam chickens. One turned out to be a beautiful rooster. But in town he is not allowed so the Wife had named him Maria but changed it to Mario when it was obvious not a Maria. We found him new home in the country. A friend gave us another smaller bantam with feathers on the feet. used same name. When it got older we changed the name again. But this one doesn't crow. Very seldom ant tiny so there is no problem. Beautiful golden color. I went to local store back in March that was giving away 5 baby chicks. So I went early to make sure I got some. Got home and it was late in the day and I counted them and recounted 6 chicks. I showed them to the store clerk before I left? I wanted to pick some more hens. No such luck. 6 roosters. Sorry to some of you but the light hearted skip the next line.
Yes they will become baked chicken.
Now while I was at the store I ordered 2 Araucana pullets. Just got them 2 weeks ago. I just Love those blue green eggs they will be laying this summer. Got special pin built for them on side of house. Got the roosters out in the garden with no much planted their rototilling my new raised bed helping get it ready and eating all the weeds and grass on part of the garden I didn't plant last year.Yea! The bantam is brooding right now. It has been almost 3 weeks. Hope she is sitting on fertilized eggs. I'm changing the garden over to The Garden Of Eden. If you don't know what that is watch the free movie at back to Eden film (dot) com. It includes chicken. Glad to be part of the BYC Forum. I feel it is a real blessing to me to learn from all of your experiences.Thanks for being here...rdgTheGardner
PS I didn't let the wife name the 6 roosters for obvious reasons. Just in case they were rooster being free and all.

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