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Mar 31, 2014
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Okay, I know I'm not the only homestuck in the world, but am I the only homestuck on BYC? Lets find out.

So I made this chat thread for all of the homestucks to come and talk, dont be shy guys, come and talk, of course, I have a few rules which I will list below

One: Please be nice to everyone

Two: No major spoilers, some of us havent read certain parts of homestuck yet

Three: Go ahead and post pictures but they must be okay to be on BYC, same goes for videos and homestuck roleplay chatrooms

Four: Dont hate on others ships, you may not ship Jadekat or karezi but dont hate on those who do

Five: When quoting anything from homestuck or a homestuck video please censor any swears, for example, s***

Six: Some people may dislike certain characters andyou may like certain characters, dont fight about it

Seven: I added this rule for fun

Its not needed but I made a small form thing for people who want to use it

Patron troll:
Favourit character(s):
Least favourit character(s)
Do you cosplay?:
If so, who?:
Do draw fanart?:
Have you been to any cons?:
Could you list them?:
Do you voice act?:
If so, who do you voice act as?:
If you roleplay, as who?:

Hehe, the form may changed, and once again, its not required.

Patron troll: Sollux Captor
Favourit character(s): Eridan, Vriska, Doc Scratch Jane, DUALSCAR, and uh.... :?
Least favourit character(s):Gamzee, Kankri, Sollux, the Gand high blood, and THE HUSS
OTP(S): Jake/Feferi Karkat/Nepeta Porrim/Kankri LATULA/MINTUNA OMG <3333333 Dave/Jane Davesprite/Jadesprite Jade/Tavros Dirk/Kanaya Sollux/Eridan I could go on and on and on.
Non-OTP(S): Gamzee/Vriska JUST NO.
Do you cosplay?: working on one right now!
If so, who?: My fantroll Ailyss Specht ((last name is German))
Do draw fanart?: A whole notebook. An entire. Freaking. Notebook.
Have you been to any cons?: NO MY PARENTS WONT LET ME
Could you list them?: NYEH
Do you voice act?: Only with friends, no records
If so, who do you voice act as?: my fantroll, trezei, I'm ok at Vriska : /
If you roleplay, as who?: Fantroll
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