Honey anyone??

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    So when I was gone, my pa decided we were gonna raise honey bees [​IMG] . Sounds great and everything until you actually find the hive and realize you have no suit and have no clue what you are doing [​IMG] . A playground near us was gonna spray and kill a big hive and the guy was charging them $75 so my dad told them he would take it off their hands for $60 and so they managed to get it boxed and taped up (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY MY PA AND BROTHER DECIDED TO PUT IT IN A CARDBOARD BOX!) Anyway my dad brought them inside and they sat on our dinning room table which we never use so they could warm up because they were all dying of the cold. We all left for school the next morning and after school I went to eat with the team and called my mom up. She was stuck OUTSIDE because she opened the door and a big swarm of bees were in the house (big hive to around lets sayyy 5,000 bees) so she called my dad up and he had no idea what he was doing and gets the shop vaccum out and vaccums all the bees up and ejects them all back into a glass tank with a screen lid. All better! [​IMG]
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    Funniest post of the day.
    Vacuuming bees!
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    I used to have bee hives, and I would be happy to make suggestions; however, I have no idea of where to begin. GEESH!
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    Apr 8, 2009
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    Dang! I read the title and I was like Yes please! On some fresh baked biscuits, iffin you don't mind.

    Does this mean my taste buds started tingling for nothing? [​IMG]
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    Your dad sounds like quite a character! Your poor mom!

  7. Emzyyy

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    They already went through a whole bottle of honey and like half a bottle of corn syrup. [​IMG]

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