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Hookies Are Laying!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Birch Run Farm, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Birch Run Farm

    Birch Run Farm Biddy up!

    Sep 5, 2008
    Been busy lately and have not posted much but found two smallish slightly tinted duck eggs today. This is good news for me, I have high hopes for these birds. I have not seen the males do much breeding yet but the girls are definitly asking for attention. The boys have been picking on each other though. One ducklet seems to have filled out more than the others and has a heavy bottom look so I am sure she is laying.
  2. Wifezilla

    Wifezilla Positively Ducky

    Oct 2, 2008

    Of course, we demand photos! LOL
  3. Birch Run Farm

    Birch Run Farm Biddy up!

    Sep 5, 2008
    The eggs are rather plain looking so far, hoping for more though but daylight is so short now. These birds are too funny. If I let them out they will spend two days down in the brook then come back to the gate dead tired wanting to go in and be farm ducks again. They are silly. [​IMG]

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