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9 Years
Jul 4, 2011
Okay, so I've obsessed about it for months, doodled it on every scrap paper I find, and even think about it as I fall asleep at night. I'm going to build a hoop coop out of cattle panels. I'm contemplating putting the 1/2" hardware cloth right over it then sandwiching the two layers together at the end between 2- 2x4's. Am I going to hurt myself trying to bend them? How did you folks do it? Will a come-along work? I'm bending 16 feet into a 8 foot wide base. Methinks I will need stitches when all this is done.
Do a search using the term "hoop coops" to get an idea what others have done.

Some have utilized ropes to hold the panel in place. Others have attached the panels to the wood first, then worked on moving the pieces of wood together and nailing/screwing them together last.

The "gentler" the hoop (i.e., the wider the plan for the coop) the easier this should be.

That's what started this whole obsession! I've seen some great coops on BYC. What I haven't seen too much of is the actual bending, and what gadgets were used. What's really got me curious now is how many of you out there have insulated with bubble wrap, if so, what size and if UV stabilized lasts longer or is worth the price.
Yup, that's the page that inspired me!
I just wondered how hard it is to bend. That picture is exactly what I'm planning. I've read a little about using bubble wrap. Farmtek offers UV stabile type, but the bubbles are so tiny. I wondered if anyone uses the 1/2" big bubbles, and if it's worth getting heavy duty type or will cheapo bubble wrap last?
A cattle panel will easily bend to an arch with an 8' span. You could sandwich the panel between boards if the extra wood is useful to you, or use "plummer's tape", the metal strap with holes in it, to affix the panel to the wood.

I used utility (or security?) panels because they have 2"x4" grid, which meant I didn't have to add extra wire mesh. You can use a couple of pieces of 1'-2' rebar as stoppers on each side and zip tied to them.

My hoop is not mobile, it's something like 9' wide by 7' tall by 10' deep. I cut an extra panel in half and pieced them together to get the extra height. It's was set in the end of the existing garden hoophouse which is why you also see pvc supports.

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