Hoop coop question


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Apr 1, 2015
Wayne NJ
I have my premade coop ready to use. We made a 8 x 5 hoop coop to act as a run and will add to it for the winter. They free range all day. Currently I lock them into their temporary coop at night, which is inside a temporary run ( not Fort Knox like my hoop coop. If I put my coop inside the hoop coop (safe and strong ) do I need to still lock the coop? My ladies like to get out earlier than I can get outside. I figure the can move around in the hoop coop until I get the kids off to school and let them out all day. Does this work?
How secure is your hoop coop? Does it have hardware cloth along at least the bottom 2-3 feet? Can animals dig under, or are there fence aprons to deter predators? If your run is truly secure, then you do not need to shut the coop door - but you need to be REALLY sure.

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