Hope someone can answer my question.


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
My hen is two yrs. old. She has not laid an egg in three months or longer. She acts fine, eats well, runs in the yard. Yesterday I let her out, cleaned up the coop and opened the nesting box. I don't know what it was in the box but it looked like a long tube with something that looked like meat on the end.
does anyone know what it could be? It almost looked like a finger from a latex glove. She seems fine but I can't find an answer to this anywhere . I sure would appreciate your thoughts on this.
Thanks to all and God bless you
That sounds like a broken soft shelled egg, and the membrane was what you were seeing. Hens who have eggs that break inside from too soft a shell may be in danger of developing egg yolk peritonitis or being an internal later. Usually when hens lay rubbery eggs they need mor calcium or they aren't processing the calcium they eat. There can be defects in their shell gland also. She may have been laying these before, and they could have been eaten before you discovered them. I would give her some crushed egg shells to eat for a snack, and make sure that she has crushed oyster shell available as well as being on a layer feed that contains 4% calcium. Here are some links on EYP and internal laying: http://www.chickenvet.co.uk/health-and-common-diseases/egg-laying-issues/index.aspx
Thank you for your help. Hopefully when I do these things she'll go back to laying eggs again.
Thanks so much!

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