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  1. i was wondering when it gets warmer out i am planning to put a little table up by the end of the road and sell some stuff to start buying chicken food myself.(my mom currently does it) i want to see if i can get more chickens if i take full responsibility for them. so what can i sell? last night i made a small pot out of clay its about 3in in diameter. could i sell those for something? also i know eggs, but a fox came and got most of our chickens last year and my mom wont get more so we get about 2-4 eggs a day. also we have stained glass we have downstairs that my grandpa made and my dad, it think i have one down there that i made. but my dad just doesn't want it down there to get broke by the cats. so any other ideas you have? i might try making the feed bag totes but my mom keeps opening them right down the middle with a knife....
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    It's awesome that you want to take more responsibility in the care of your flock like that! [​IMG]

    Yeah, you could put most of those things up for sale. Also, talk to friends/family and see if they have anything lying around that they wouldn't mind you putting up for sale. Take a look on eBay and Craigslist and local classifieds to get an idea of reasonable asking prices for things. You can also use Craigslist for free to advertise things you have for sale. I wouldn't expect to make much money doing this, but I'm sure you'll get some.

    You may also consider offering to help friends/family/neighbors with yard work through the summer. You can quickly make a tidy sum doing things like that, and people are often quite generous and appreciative of such offers. [​IMG]

    Before you go seeking to buy more chickens, though, take a look at your coop and run (if you have one). If a fox got a lot of your birds last year, then the first thing that you should spend money on is making your chickens as safe as you can in order to avoid losing birds again. It may help convince your mother to let you get more birds, too, because it shows that you're taking the initiative to make sure your flock is safe and well cared for.

    Good luck! [​IMG]
  3. well it was my moms fault she let them out after there was ligit 10 foxes out at the horse barn and i guesss she thought it would be okay and i was on craigslist and there are free silkies right down the road from me! im jelous now lol i want them i shall point them out to my mom tonight (shes always on craigslist lol)

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