Hopefully the third time revamping the nest will be the charm...


6 Years
May 20, 2013
Monticello, MN
I made a nest for the girls out of a bucket lying on it's side with shredded paper in it. Our BO is currently the only one laying. She did NOT like the shredded paper. She would not even go in the nest. She laid her egg on the coop floor, right in front of the nest. I switched the paper out for soft aspen shavings. She did go in the bucket with the shavings, but kicked them all out and laid her egg on the coop floor, right in front of the nest. Soooo, I removed the bucket, built a 16x16" box and put soft aspen in the bottom with some timothy hay on top of it. Hopefully tomorrow she will decide that the nest meets with her approval and actually lay her egg there. I had a fake egg in the nest the whole time. I'm wondering if she wouldn't lay in it because she thought it was "occupied", so I removed that as well.

Cross your fingers and hope it works!
Put a lip on the front of whatever nesting container you choose, about 2" higher than the bedding. This should help keep the bedding in. Now, I use sand in my nesting box and my girls love it. Some are just picky as to what they will lay in.

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