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10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
I think I've decided to get a horizon structures coop. I like them because shipping is included and you can get kits. Other places have lower rates and then throw on a huge shipping cost.

Anyways, I'd love to see pictures of members horizon coops. I'm trying to deicide on which coop to get and what color to paint it.



Nov 11, 2015
Spoke with customer reps prior to purchasing who were knowledgeable and helpful. Very impressed by coop design, website and video tour. Was very excited to receive my coop. Received a coop that was finished very poorly and shoddy. The stain looks like it was put on any old way. There are drips everywhere and naked wood in numerous places where stain was not even applied. There are scrapes and gouges that are already lifting after the heavy rains we received yesterday. My concern is that winter is going to get in those exposed parts, cracks, scratches and gouges and really cause a problem. The latches on the top part of the run won't even lock.

Spoke with the owner who is not very enthusiastic about standing behind warranty that is listed right on website as follows:

When you purchase from HORIZON STRUCTURES you can rest assured that your product is produced and delivered with the highest craftsmanship through traditional value, honesty and integrity. HORIZON STRUCTURES is committed to your personal satisfaction!

The owner offered to send stain that I would have to apply to the structure myself, but that is not what I paid over $3000 for. A gallon of stain will not fix all of the drips, streaks, gouges, damaged wood, and 2 locking mechanisms that will not work. The owner didn't even apologize, thank me for my business or know when he would be able to rectify this. I am not satisfied and want a coop that is produced with the highest craftsmanship as advertised.

Potential customers you need to be aware of this.

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