Horizontal Nipple Waterer Implemented


5 Years
Jul 30, 2014
Houston, Texas
I put all the advice from BYC to good use an implemented a horizontal nipple waterer today. Thanks to all who have commented on them. It seems to be working well. I only had to show one and the others followed. I’m using 4 nipples on a 2 gallon bucket for 17 chicks that are 3-1/2 weeks old. I later plan to upgrade to a larger bucket, but the 2 gallon is plenty big now, takes up less space, and is easier to handle.
I appreciate any advice or thoughts after looking at my pictures. Do I have the height right?

Looks like a nice flock you have there. I love the horizontal nipples, the only bad thing about them is the price if you have a LOT of chickens.

In the past I've written that I didn't think they work for cross-beaked birds. We have one cross-beaked bird that I didn't think could use the horizontal nipples so I still hang a bucket of vertical nipples. Problem is, most of the birds are trained on the vertical nipples and will drain that bucket dry while the h-nipple bucket is still 3/4 full. We recently went on vacation and when I came home, I found the 2 buckets of vertical nipples to be empty and the horiztonal bucket still half full. The cross beaked bird seemed fine and had recently laid eggs. So either the water had JUST ran out or she figured out a way to get water from the horizontal nipples. She is rather nifty and nimble with her tongue, at least with food, since her misaligned beak doesn't help her much. The verdict is still out, but I'm starting to wonder if I might've been wrong all along. Hopefully all your birds will turn out with healthy beaks!
Thanks, it's a larger flock that I needed, so I'm looking for new homes for some of them.

They all took very well to the nipples and are using them with more ease now. I've had plenty of chickens, mostly when I was younger, but never saw a cross-beaked bird. It looks pretty sad, so definitely hope I don't have any.

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