Hormone Driven Drakes and separation from hens


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Jul 18, 2011
Snohomish County, WA
I have separated our three drakes from our three hens because they are far too aggressive trying to mate with the hens. Have had a couple of close calls where I thought for sure the hen would be dead before I got to them to break them up. (All three drakes at once). So they are separated. The hens however are not happy with the arrangement, neither are the drakes (surprise, surprise!). A couple of the hens spend a good portion of the day at the fence squawking loudly at the drakes. Was considering putting one drake (maybe alternating a different drake each day) in with the hens during the day, but am concerned other drakes with attack him when put him back with drakes at night. Better to just leave them separate? Any opinions? Anyone tried limited 'conjugal visits' for ducks? Would they be happier or just more aggressive??? Hens are happier with one drake, but the drake seems to take a hit from the other drakes after being with the hens. I have only tried it for a short time, and with the drake that the two Khakis seem to bully anyway.

Drakes would be back with drakes at night because they seem to get quite aggressive with the hens once they are locked in the hen house for the night even if it is just one drake.
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That's too many drakes for your hens. But you probably know that.

We keep 1 drake for 5 hens. We had as many as 3 drakes and had to cull since our hens were being torn up. Then we had 2 drakes and in the Spring they were injuring the hens by mating them one after the other. One of our hens was injured and lived in our house for 3 weeks so she could heal up. So we gave one drake away (he has 30 girls now). With just one drake with the girls all of the eggs are fertile and we are not having to nurse injured ducks back to health.

Also, our drakes were pigs and even with free ranging we had a huge feed bill. Getting rid of 2 males helped with that too.

And our yard is calmer. We aren't always worried about the ducks and having to keep one eye out for fights or injuries.

And yes, we tried a bachelor pen and they drakes repeatedly turned on one drake attacking him so we gave up on that idea quickly.
Thanks for the input. Yeah, I know it's too many drakes. That's what I get for getting straight run ducklings. About the first and only time I made a on the spot decision when I really knew better. Figured we had a 50-50 chance. Turned out to be 75:25. Had hoped keeping them separate would take care of it. I had been warned. I didn't believe they would be this aggressive - they are cute, feathered little beings after all. Ha!

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