Horse abuse in SC! Many Arabs!

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    Feb 26, 2008
    I've talked about this in chat. This involves what should be some beautiful arabs. More than 30 horses have been confiscated and several graves have been dug up for medical examination. 23 horses were taken from one farm, 5 from another and then 17 more from another. If you haven't heard about it go to:

    and click on the story. To see pics of some of the horses go to:

    It involves our deputy commisioner of agriculture. He has been charged with 5 cases of abuse for the five horses that were kept at his home. Alot of people are making excuses for him becaue they claim his mother actually owned the horses, but he looked at them everyday and those five were the worst of the lot.

    They just a few minutes ago reported that half of these horses were being quarantined in GA for equine infectious anemia [​IMG] , now they are putting all SC horses at risk, I travel all over with mine. They will now be extradicted for those charges as well.

    Its insane. I just know with the political connections nothing will come of this. Its a big dial now, but you just wait. They will put this case off and put it off until the press forgets about it, then that family will have all these horses back.

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    Oh my God, how cruel can people be, and it's from my home town of Columbia. I am so furious that people have no compassion for living things.
  3. Oh my goodness! Those poor babies. I hope that those people are behind bars for a looooonnnnggg time.
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    And the guy worked for the Dept of Ag? I wonder if any of the horses were horses confiscated from other people?

    For those that don't know, the "State Vet" is part of the Dept of Ag, and usually if horses are confiscated, it's the State Vet that sends the order. Not always, but usually.
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    Jan 29, 2008
    That is so horrible! I just read about a person in miami who stole horse from farms and butchered them with chain saws, it was so horrible. As a horse owner, it was unbelievable that someone could treat one of Gods creatures like that! I can only pray that everyone who partakes in these horrid animal cruelty cases are one day made to feel like the animals they have beaten and starved. One day Justice will be served!

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