Horse-stall turned duck-coop finished!


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Mar 10, 2013
Hey guys! started a project about a week ago turning a couple of vacant miniature pony stalls into a coop of sorts for my ducks. seems to have worked like a charm. completely predator proof. warm, ventilated. basically took two stalls, knocked out a 3 foot panel in the wall separating them so that they'd be connected into one large area.

front of the left stall. hardware cloth along right side and front.

view from the right of stall two. stall one in the back of pic. you can see the divider wall in between, but i took out one panel of plywood so the ducks can meander from one to the other. can put it back if hens get broody/ducks dont get along/ etc.

custom brooder. old feed chest with middle cut out and hardware cloth inserted. heat lamp plugs into outlet directly above. stall one behind brooder.

entrance to stall one. about hip height lol.

stall one, currently with 2 mallards and 2 swedish blues, about 50 days or so old.
stall two will a mallard and magpie, both drakes.

the current residents of the brooder box. will be moved to stall 1 within a week or so.

but yeah. its not pretty, but its very large and can support an influx of residents if needed. there is a stall door at the very back of the first stall. currently designing a run that will be directly attached to the coop. may or may not need advice on the run though. hopefully someone can help me with that part!
Nice work!
Wow! Those are very lucky ducks. Wish I could do something like this! Don't think my ancient, barely-3-staller would work out quite as beautifully. Really love what you did here!
I think i recall you posting about the possibility of this conversion! looks fantastic, and i disagree it does not look poorly, if anything well thought out and super practical, i think people can get way to caught up in looks and forget function is key with livestock housing!
Thanks guys! It was actually a lot of fun and really the hardware cloth was the only part I spent any money on. I'm going to start working on the run today. While I'm here though... is a 48 inch height oky for ducks? They would be shut in at night time, which eliminates about 98% of potential predators. The land outside is sloped, so building a wooden frame would take up WAY too much time and energy. I was planning on not having a roof on the run so they can actually enjoy the sun/rain etc. Is that okay?

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