Hot Eggs....


11 Years
Jan 28, 2009
Long Island NY
OK... So I have my first case of broodiness going on ... I think.
I'm going to make the seperate wire bottom cage for her, to get her to snap out of it. But in the mean time, if I find an egg under her and its hot... should I throw it away? I go out there at least twice a day...AM and PM, and on the weekends many more times... but how long can a "Fresh" egg sit under a hot birdy butt before it's begining to go rotten? Throw them away or keep them?
Well.... A) she's also laying on everyone else's eggs
and ... B) There is no rooster so the eggs are not fertile...

but thanks for your thoughts just the same
Thank you for asking this. I, too have a broody, and I go out twice a day and pick her out of the nestbox to get the eggs from under her. I was wondering if they spoil. But then I thought about people who live in hot climates, and their eggs probably get pretty warm.
But then again, 6 hours in that heat ... Hopefully someone really knows the answer to this
I am in Arizona and I check for eggs in the AM and the mid afternoon. Our eggs are warm regardless of the time we get them. It has been over 100 degrees here for too many days in a row. Our eggs are fine. I actually let them come to room temperature before putting them into the fridge. I don't like them out too long, but an hour of inside temps and then to the fridge seems to be fine. Hope this helps.
As long as you collect it the first day you're fine. They can sit out for a cople days but collecting every day is best

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