Houdini Hen!!


9 Years
Mar 30, 2010
Noblesville, Indiana
One of my newer girls escapes the run, which I have covered with netting, and then roosts in a tree beside the coop if I don't let her back in before dusk. The result is now that I find eggs being laid around the coop, and not in the nesting boxes where I want them. I tried patching all the holes in the netting, and still can't figure out how she is getting out. How can I get that girl to stay put? All the rest of the ladies behave themselves and stay in the run. Any advice you all might have on correcting this behavior without punishing the rest of the flock would be much appreciated.
maybe keep her locked in the coop for a couple of days. it will show her where home is and if she continues to do it give her extra treats and if she is outside the run then go into the run and feed the rest of the coop the treats and she will learn that OH if i stay in the run ill get yummy treats!

Sorry it isnt much help but its worth a try

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