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    If you've ever been curious about how many hours of daylight you get in your area throughout the year, this can help.

    Find out what your latitude is by doing a Google search such as:
    Latitude for zip code (enter your zip code)

    1. Then pull up this link for Daylight Hours Explorer:

    2. Type in your latitude under settings

    3. Use the slider setting to change the date

    Chickens need about 12 hours of daylight for them to perform their egg laying magic. If you aren't getting eggs, or production has slowed down, this can be helpful in figuring out if it's due to a drop in daylight versus some other issue.

    I've been checking this about once a month, more out of curiosity than anything, and here's how much difference in daylight hours between Sept. 4th and Nov. 29 in my area:
    Sept. 9 = 12.5 hrs
    Nov. 29 = 10.3 hrs
    Around the 3rd week of June is when I'll see the most hours of sunlight for my area (almost 14 hrs).
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