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May 3, 2011
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Okay, so noooowwww I'm thinking of getting three chickens, an Australorp, EE, and Red Star from MPC hatchery and keeping them as house chickens with a diaper and stuff.

Don't ask! I'm getting frantic. I REALLY want chickens. And if you've ever REALLY wanted something for THREE YEARS, you would know.

Anyways, can anyone give advice for keeping house chickens? I've done a lot of research, but BYC seems to have more "experianced info" than informational things. Anyways, I was also going to ask, if a chicken is wearing a diaper, and she laid an egg, would it be laid in the diape? :lau

And advice in general would be appreciated.


Oh, and of course, I haven't asked my mom yet... Just brainstorming
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Oh, and I'm really happy with myself, because I think hybrids like the Red Star are perfect for indoors, having no predators or cold stuff :woot

But I don't have any experience, so...
One thing you need to realize is that chickens create alot of dust and dander. You would be cleaning up after them constantly. Is there no way you can have them outside?
We have a cockatoo and a cockatiel inside. I don't know if chickens would make anymore dander and dust than tropical birds that people keep as pets. However...chickens are usually bigger than the average tropical bird, and you are talking about 3 chickens. Also, I don't think you can proceed any further until you get your mom's okay. As a former child and a current parent, and a chicken owner, and I can tell you that my answer would still be, "Oh H, no!" LOL! I love my chickens...outside!
I've owned a cockatiel my entire young life and now have my indoor bantam faverolle. And If I could do it over.... I'd stay chicken all the way.They curiously peck, not bite like most birds do. I do not currently use a diaper with her, her poops are little and as long as she eats regulary, they are solid not runny so a paper towel is too easy. When she gets bigger, I may switch to diapers. Not sure though. As far as the breeds. I'm sure everyone has a different experience, but I've had one black star I had to get rid of becasue she was the top hen and TOO mean and SO BIG. Definitely not someone I'd want running around my house. But I'm sure it was becasue she wasn't socialized enough. I currently have two EEs and one is SO sweet and the other is skittish... and they both fly out of the yard or on to the roof regularly. I have one bantam old elglish who is a sweet, SASSY, teenage brat. And Also an ameraucana, teenager as well and is super timid. My fave obviously is Bumble Beep, which is a bantam faverolle... If I could buy one for everyone in the world I would! She is soo awesome and sweet. And will be a good size to stay in the house. As far as getting three, that is the appropriate amount to have a pecking order, but if you jsut want a pet chicken , I'd stick with one. Otherwise they would probably learn to be chicken chickens not people chickens. You know? I feel like they will prob runn around with each other rather than you. And If you want to take them anywhere , three is alot more difficult to grab and pack than one. I just take mine with me to the grocery store or where ever and keep her in a little soft cat/dog carrier. Like a little purse. Super easy. Anyway, keep in touch and let me know if you have any other questions or anything. And keep in mind when reading responses... every one will tell you something different, but you need to do what works for YOU, no body else. :)
Oh yikes, I didn't realize you still needed to ask mom. I'm sure my mom would tell me NO! But now that I am in my own house, I do what I want. BUT, I would definitely reccomend you get a bantam breed for the house, not large chickens. I think Mom would be a little more easy to convince with maybe one small one than 3 large. Or even better, Silkies are great house chickens. Show her a picture of one of those and she might melt :)
Thanks everyone :)

tbourdon: wow, that was long! :p
I know all that, but the problem is that I can't order just one from the hatchery, and I have no one to share the order with. I did want just a silkie, they're so AWESOME, but nooo, they're sold out, and I have to order at least five anyways. I would TOTALLY just order one if I could, but... I can't.

Sorry... I make myself seem like I don't know anything sometimes, and it annoys me because I get really annoyed with the people who don't know anything and just get a chicken, a parrot, or ANYTHING without any info. I've been researching every day for three years, not only on BYC ;)

As for asking my mom, that's what I've been doing for those three years. *sigh*

But these are all just plans. I like making plans to keep my sanity. I really need a fluffy silkie :(

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