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Dec 4, 2010
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i have a question for those of you that have a harnessed duck in the not sure how many of you there are...

i have a duck that lives in the house. i posted about her recently..i was concerned about her laying eggs and having trouble because she was slightly underweight..she since then put on a little, but all is well she laid her first egg to bring in the new year!

my new her harness i have half of a newborn diaper. id change it before going to bed..she would make it through the night..sometimes having a small load in the morning..but for the most part there wouldnt be much of a mess in her diaper in the am until she had her morning snack. is it normal for the amount of waste to be significantly larger when they start laying?its silly to ask if its normal..because im sure it makes sense. maybe a better question is how does everyone deal with it?

its only been 3 days..she has laid an egg everyday! but every morning leading up to her egg laying has been a mess. one morning the harness overflowed. one morning she got it off and there was a mess everywhere.. today i was prepared and took it off early and gave her a towel to lay on..i guess i never noticed this because all of my other ducks are outside!

any tips or tricks you guys have learned are welcome..along with any suggestions..let me know if anyone else has this problem?!


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I have a couple of house ducks as well-

Laying can be an issue, since I've also noticed they tend to poop more for some reason... If diapering over night I recommend NOT letting her have access to food at night. This helps cut down on the poop level. If I diaper my punkies overnight I change them as soon as I wake up. If my girl hasn't laid her egg yet, I'll just rediaper her and check it again later. I usually check/change once every 2-4 hours. you may also want to think about going a size up in harness too. I make my duckies their harnesses and I use a slightly bigger size when my Ming Mei is laying and she needs to be diapered overnight.

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