House Ducks - What to keep them in while in the house and what to keep them in while outside plus ot

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    Hello - I am new to the duck world. I thought ducks would be so cute for my two little girls to raise but the more research I do the more I feel guilty about having them. SO we now have house ducks because I can not bring myself to get rid of them knowing they would probably not survive. We are currently doing diapers while in the house and they are still small enough (barley) to stay in their tote I used for a brooder. I am guessing when I say they are 3-4 weeks old and we think they are Pekins. They are getting their feathers in but are still pretty fluffy and yellow on their heads.

    I have read conflicting reports that it IS okay to take their food and water from them at night, that when they are eventually put outside into a coop they wouldnt have water inside. What age is this okay to do?

    Currently they have shavings in their box and I have to clean it at least twice a day. The smell is really awful. I work during the day so they have food and water in their box during the day - which is a mess. In the evenings after work I take them outside and on the weekends take them out too, last night we had a hawk that was very interested in them so I dont know about taking them out much more with out a cage of some kind. I let them have full run of the house for the most part now that they are diapered and they swim twice a day at least.

    I wanted to know how other people keep their ducks in the house, what do you keep them in when they are not diapered? How long do you keep them diapered?

    How do you let them outside, what kind of house do they need - a chicken coop or just a house? How long do you leave them out? Do they sleep in the coop or in the house and what does their bed look like that you let them sleep in?

    I know this is a lot but thanks to anyone who can answer some of my questions! I looked through the posts but there was a lot of information to weed through.


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