Housing question - can they live by the dam?


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Feb 12, 2010
Looking to tap into the wonderful resource of BYC knowledge

Thinking about where to build a home for my future flock of ducks. Currently have (what I think may be) a handsome little drake who must be super lonely with only a turkey poult as a buddy! So I am planning on building a nice sized duck enclosure pending future arrivals!

I'm a duck newbie. So you will have to excuse any stupid questions

We live on 25 acres surrounded by forestry plantations. No neighbours for kms. We have a nice little dam located towards the back of our property (about 2kms or so from the road).


I was wondering if it would be suitable to build a little duck house and small run up on the highest edge of the dam? (far left.. not shown in picture) We would never get water up there.

I would love the ducks to be able to be let out each morning to free range at the dam and then be locked up away from predators at night.

Am I dreaming?......

Would the ducks be able to free range at the dam during the day? and would they go happily into a house at night like chickens do?

We don't really have much of a predator problem here..... My main concern is that the ducks will fly away!

What about wild ducks? We had three mallards on our dam today. I know that there is a risk of disease and so forth but would my ducks be more inclined to fly off because of these guys? Or would the fact that my ducks lived at the dam deter the wild ducks from coming?

I await your words of wisdom!

(and I really should have taken an up to date pic of my handsome duck/drake whatever it is to include it with my post


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That is a lovely location for a ducky paradise to be built. Yes they free range in that area and be put up at night. With just some training they will be easily herded back to their house to be locked in over night. To stop flying you can trim ONE wing, or buy breeds that don't fly. I suggest you chat with Duckyfromoz here on the duck forum as to what would and wouldn't work best for you and your location, as well as breeds available.

Please share more pictures, you have a wonderful looking place.

Miss Lydia

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Beautiful place and duckie paradise, I agree duckyfromz is in Australia and so is 70%Cocoa, so both of those ladies should be able to advise you and maybe help you in locating what breed would be to your liking. All the best and welcome to the duck thread..


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Feb 12, 2010
Thanks for the responses guys! I think that the duck I currently have is a Muscovy drake... I posted a pic of him as a baby up here & the guess was a muscovy! I'd probably like to stick with them.. Wish I had a current pic but it's dark outside so I'll get one tomorrow. I think my current one is just beautiful. I love how fast & beautiful it has grown.

(He is so big! That's why my guess is for a drake.. although as I have said I'm a total duck newbie!)

There seem to be a few musocvys advertised locally, mainly white ones. I hope to find some with nicer colours though, so I will probably be in contact with those who you have mentioned!

Do the wild ducks pose a problem for me?

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